Rapper T-Pain’s brother recently passed away. On Wednesday the “Buy You A Drank” shared his clapback to a man who blamed him for his brother’s death.

“My brother just died February 5th and this man just told me I let my brother die because of the hospital bill.”

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“After I paid 2.2 million dollars to the hospital and he told me if I would have paid more money then my brother would still be alive. Money doesn’t fix everything. You are putting too much power into money,” said the “Bartender” artist.

T-pain then went on to question the man’s logic and reveal how his brother ultimately passed away.


“Why do you think that is possible. Nigga don’t even know how my brother died. I paid 2.2 million he got out the hospital he was living his life he was walking with his walker at He was at my mama house, he slipped and his leg gave out and he hit his head on the kitchen counter and his brain started bleeding and he went brain dead and died.

“How can money fix that? If money could fix stuff like all of my family would be alive my grandma, my great grandma. What are you talking about? If I could just throw money at a health issue and it would be fixed everybody would be alive. We would live forever.”

In December, T-pain took to Instagram to share his brother’s month-long hospital stay which came to a total of $1,402,977.