Fans of Jim Carrey’s cult classic film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective will really get a kick out of this new iteration of the Ewing Athletics 33 HI, made in collaboration with seasoned sneaker customizer Dan “Mache” Gamache for the movie’s 25th anniversary.

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The design takes all of its inspiration from the titular character and his unmistakably eclectic sense of fashion. Of course, his all-over Hawaiian floral print shirt is the first thing that comes to mind, which takes over the entire upper. The multicolored aesthetic is balanced out with a grey midsole, which features a scaly textured heel that could be a nod to the unforgettable alligator fight scene from the 1995 sequel When Nature Calls. The theme comes full circle on the heel, with the words “EINHORN” embroidered to remind us of the hilarious scene when Ace realizes Lt. Lois Einhorn is, well, let’s not spoil it for those still getting around to seeing the film! For Mache, known to many in the sneaker community by his @Mache275 social media handle, his signature is stamped into the shoe as an official branding of a job well done.

Expect the Ace Ventura-themed Ewing Athletics 33 HI by Mache275 to drop in early May, in addition to matching shorts and a jacket. Check it out in further detail below: