We’ve still got six months left until Halloween swings arounds, but ALIFE decided to get an early start on the spooky streetwear vibes with a small capsule collection made for the brand’s ‘Shop Art Museum’ initiative.

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The set includes three pieces inspired by Frankenstein’s monster, including a green Zippo lighter, a Hand of Doom™ soft sculpture made to hold accessories and a standout white T-shirt featuring a graphic of the iconic creature created by “The Modern Prometheus.” Each item cleverly plays into the tale’s mythology, from the lighter representing “fire” Prometheus stole from the Gods and gave to humans — Victor Frankenstein does the same when he steals the secrets of life to create his Monster — to the soft sculpture & tee giving us direct nods to a certain green giant that’s been a horror fixation for over two centuries.

The ALIFE/Shop Art Museum “Monster” capsule is available right now online, with the shirt and lighter going for $42 USD each and the hand sculpture priced at $10 USD. More pics below:

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