DC Universe is delivering on their promise of continuous content on their streaming service. Just as Doom Patrol is about to finish its first season, DC releases the first full trailer for its next series, Swamp Thing.

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Hypebeast reports that Swamp Thing will follow Holland (portrayed by Andy Bean) prior to his transformation to the titular creature, as well as his love interest Abby Arcane, (actress Crystal Reed). Eventually, Arcane begins investigating a swamp-based virus, which ultimately leads to some unsettling discoveries.  Viewers might catch glimpses of Ian Ziering’s Blue Devil, as well as a possible appearance from Professor Pyg.

The trailer starts on a quiet, dark, seemingly peaceful bayou night, before the horror seeps in and then kicks up. Abby pokes around mysterious labs, with ominous figures watching her. There are screaming children, a swamp aflame, a very creepy pig-headed being, and more! The series aiming to be scary and rated “R” violent, primarily based on Alan Moore’s run. It will also feature a practical creature suit, which Mears will be donning.


Swamp Thing comes to DC Universe on May 31st. The show will join Titans, Doom Patrol, and Young Justice Outsiders as part of the streaming platform’s DC Universe Original Series. They are also developing a Stargirl live-action series and a Harley Quinn animated series. A Metropolis series is also in development.