Sony surprised everyone earlier this month by starting to talk about the capabilities of the PlayStation 5. Now we’re being told when it won’t, rather then when it will launch.

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As The Verge reports, Sony is holding Q&A sessions with reporters and giving out a few new details here and there. The Wall Street Journal tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki is one of them and he tweeted confirmation that the PlayStation 5 will not be launching within the next 12 months.


PS5 lead architect Mark Cerny revealed the first details of what to expect from the new console a couple of weeks ago. The PS5 will be able to handle 8K graphics, offers a much-improved 3D audio experience, and backwards compatibility with the PS4.

For quite some time now, rumors and reports have pegged 2020 as the year that both the PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox will appear. Microsoft has yet to announce any official details on its next-gen Xbox (or Xboxes, as Phil Spencer suggested there are multiple consoles in development during his keynote at E3 2018), but we’re expecting to hear more about the console at E3 2019 in June. Sony, on the other hand, is sitting E3 out this year, so the details Cerny shared about the PS5 last week are likely the only ones we’ll get for a while.

No word on whether we’ll see the Xbox One successor around the same time as the PS5 launch, but analysts do believe Microsoft’s flagship machine will be more powerful than Sony’s.