Well, you can’t call president Donald Trump inconsistent. The 2019 NCAA Women’s tournament champion Baylor Lady Bears pulled up to the White House for their celebration dinner and what was served? You guessed it, “very fine food,” also known as McDonald’s.

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Served on platters for the players of Baylor was an assortment of items from both McDonalds’ and Chick-Fil-A, much like the spread that president Trump served to the Clemson football team who won the National Championship earlier this year.

The difference, Clemson visited the White House during the government shut down, which resulted in a kitchen staff not being available for the celebration. But due to ease, Trump has run it back for the second time. He also presented fast food to the North Dakota State Bison who won the 2019 FCS.


For those who have been keeping up with all the different ways of our commander-in-chief, he is reportedly a chronic fast food eater due to his “longtime fear of being poisoned.”

As customary with presidential visits for a championship celebration, the Lady Bears presented Trump with a jersey. His response was awkward stating, “I love those short sleeves, such beautiful arms. Great definition.”

Peep pictures from the visit below and try not to focus in on the faces of those in attendance.


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Fast-food on the menu again as the Baylor Lady Bears visit the White House (via @baylorwbb)

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