Sabrina Greenlee, mother of Wide Receiver for the Houston Texans DeAndre Hopkins, is set to be the subject of a feature-length film.

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Titled Sabrina, the film will cover a young single mother who is attacked and finds herself in a battle to change the course of her life and stay on the new path she created for herself and her four children. Sabrina is a partnership between Bron Studios, Good Fear and Kitu Films. Sam Baily is set to direct and Kristen Buckley will write the screenplay.

In 2002 when Hopkins was 10, his mother was attacked by another woman, who her boyfriend of 3 months had been dating behind Greenlee’s back. The other woman came out of the apartment complex and threw a mixture of bleach and lye that had reached 400 degrees Fahrenheit on Greenlee which caused her to go blind, loose skin from her body, and go into a medically induced coma. Although it has been “16 years and 20-30 surgeries,” Greenlee was left completely blind in her right eye and partial vision in her left eye. The woman responsible for the ambush pleaded guilty to assault and battery with intent to kill and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.