We don’t know how you feel about Kanye West’s desire to turn his Sunday Services into a full blown church, but he at least has one person in his corner: His wife, Kim Kardashian-West.

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A source tells People that the beauty mogul is down to ride for Yeezus building his place of worship. Kim is 100 percent on board with this,” the anonymous insider said. “She’s a Christian, too, and she understands the importance of being spiritual.”

Kim doesn’t plan to be a traditional “pastor wife” according to the source. “She wouldn’t be a traditional ‘pastor’s wife’ who organizes bake sales,” the source continued. “But she will support him if he ever starts church. She’ll be there for it.”


Kanye West hasn’t explicitly said he is taking Calabassas to Church but People reported that he has plans to.

“He has talked about starting his own church, and what exactly that would be,” another unnamed source told People. “It wouldn’t be the traditional, 3-hymns-and-a-sermon thing. Instead, it would be a way to point people to Jesus through the arts and through a community of people who love and care for each other. He also wants his kids to be raised in faith, and the best way for him to do that is to live out his faith.”