At last weekend’s “Resolution” SMACK/URLTV event in Atlanta, featuring the highly anticipated Cassidy vs. Goodz battle, the surprise announcement of the Tsu Surf vs. Geechi Gotti battle was unveiled live on stage. The battle is schedule to appear on the upcoming  NOME 9 event in Houston, Texas set for Saturday, June 8th.

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Over the last few months, there has been a lot of back and forth between the two lyricists on whether this is a battle that needs to happen. The fans believe that the red-hot Geechi Gotti seems to have earned the shot at the legend Tsu Surf. On the flip side, many also believe it is Surf that needs to do a little more work to live up to the legend that is attributed to him… particularly after infamously not finishing his final round against Rum Nitty last year at NOME 8.

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What is it about Surf that makes him larger than life?

At the top of 2019, he released his “Seven25” album to critical acclaim.  The 13-song offering helped solidify him as a bonafide commercial rapper, building upon his impressive high-profile radio freestyles on Hot97’s Funk Flex, Power 106, and I-95, various music videos and interviews. He is so much of a hot ticket, that he consistently racks in millions of views when ever he is recored. The experienced Newark, New Jersey MC has battled the likes of Hitman Holla, Conceited, T-Top, Tay Roc, Calicoe, Charlie Clips, Hollow Da Don, Shotgun Suge, Aye Verb, K-Shine and DNA amongst others over the last decade mainly on the SMACK/URLTV stage to great success. He counts Joe Budden as one of his closest friends. Most impressive and fueling the mythology behind The Wave, is his ability to bounce back after a short bid and being shot in his very-own hood. He is basically battle rap’s Tupac and an formidable opponent to any contender.

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Check him out below:

But Geechi Gotti is nothing to sneeze at either.

Gotti is a relatively new comer to URL, but is already someone that leaves battlers shaking in their boots. If Surf is battle rap’s Tupac, Gotti would be the culture’s Ice Cube.  The Source has witnessed his growth. In 2017, he was rated 14 on our Top 20 Battle Rappers of the Year. The very next year, he skyrocketed up to #2 on our list. Another platform, CHAMPION w/ Jayblac voted him as #1 of the year.

No matter the platform, he is widely regarded as one of the most exciting new faces to hit the main stage in recent years. Gotti came up through the ranks of several regional battle leagues over the last 5+ years ago on the West Coast. But it cannot be disputed that his toughest contest has been on the URL stage.

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With tough bouts against battlers such as K-Shine, Rum Nitty, JC, A.Ward and Ave, the battled conditioned and in-form Geechi Gotti is sure to bring full three rounds for a Tsu, who is now teetering on mainstream music success after a whirlwind year. Much more than just an East vs. West battle on neutral territory, the match-up promises to be a tough encounter for both. Both Crips will clash for what is sure to be bombastic!

The NOME 9 event features the previously announced blockbuster match-up of Loaded Lux vs. Aye Verb, widely considered as one of the best potential battles of the last decade with a long history in itself. Representing Loaded Lux’s highly anticipated return to the all-important SMACK/URLTV stage, since he last battled Charlie Clips in 2015 at Summer Madness 5.

NOME 9 is shaping up to be the battle rap event of the year among increasingly stiff competition. Stay tuned.