What is the use of having the top player in the media world, if you can’t tap into her for advice every now and then?

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So. it should be no surprise that Gayle King is receiving advice from her BFF Oprah Winfrey regarding her new contract with CBS.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oprah is looking out for her girl as she renegotiates her contract to as one of the lead chairs on “CBS This Morning,” the network’s early morning news show.


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Winfrey is no fool and clearly understands her value and the value of her sister from another mister. Oprah told the outlet,  “I said, ‘Get what you want. Get exactly what you want, because now’s the time. And if you don’t get what you want, then make the next right move.’” She took it even further and pushed King’s people to step up their game.

“I actually called up her lawyer, Allen Grubman, and I said, ‘Allen, she should get what she wants.’ And Allen goes, ‘What the F do you think I’m doing here? I said the same thing to her!’”

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Especially with King boasting such high ratings and engagement with her now legendary interview with R. Kelly. The hot interview happened in the middle of King’s attorney’s contract negotiation. Winfrey acknowledged that the media gods must have been at work… scratch that… The Big Boss opened the doors that no man could shut.

“I sent her a text saying, ‘Jesus looooves you.’ But [the R. Kelly interview] could not have been better if I had done that myself. I think every interviewer thinks, ‘What would you have done in that moment?’ And what she did was absolute perfection. I just thought that for this moment to happen at the time when she’s also in the middle of negotiations is unbelievable — but she’s always had that [gift].”