Many people aren’t taking the news lightly after Minister Louis Farrakhan was banned from Facebook today, one in particular being Hip-Hop veteran and West Coast icon Snoop Dogg.

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According to earlier reports by sites like ABC News, the leading social media platform banned Farrakhan, along with Alex Jones, his InfoWars website and right-wing leaders Paul Nehlen, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Loomer, for violating Facebook’s ban against hate and violence. The ban also extends to Instagram, fan pages and any other related accounts. As USA Today recently covered in a special “Facebook while Black” report, the website even censors talk about racism as hate speech.

Snoop sounded off on his own IG (seen above), stating, “Facebook and Instagram just banned Minister Louis Farrakhan. I want to know for what? All he ever do is tell the truth. But y’all gon’ ban him, though? Alright, what if we ban y’all? What if we stop fuckin’ with y’all, Facebook and Instagram? The fuck y’all gon’ ban Minister Louis Farrakhan? For puttin’ truth out there. [sic]”

He followed up by calling for the company to block him if they felt any way about his protest, finishing the video post with a special “As-salamu alaykum” shoutout to Farrakhan. Snoop has been a long supporter of the political leader, even making an appearance at the Nation of Islam’s annual convention back in 2009.

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