G-G-G-G Unit!

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There always seems to be in conflict with this Hip-Hop crew.  And 50 Cent seems to revel in being at the center of all the drama. We know that for a while now, that Young Buck and 50 Cent have had a lot of bad energy towards each other. But this week things seem to have taken a turn for the “OH MY GOODNESS KEEP IT ON THE GRAM!”

According to the streets, 50 Cent and Buck are at it again because 50 brought up again, the allegations surrounding his former artist and friend being in a love affair with a transgender woman. Curtis Jackson never seems to let up. On his IG page, posted a remix to Buck’s 2004 joint “Shorty Wanna Ride” by the woman that supposedly is Buck’s undercover lover.


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This ain’t new. The Nashville emcee and Jamaica’s Finest has been going back and forth since he was kicked out of the G-Unit crew in 2008. Over 10 years of beef was momentarily interrupted by a 2014 reconciliation for The Beauty of Independence EP. By 2015, they were back to beefing. Aside from the rumors about Buck’s involvement with a transgender woman,  this beef between he and Fif is affecting his paper. Fifty don’t care. Buck is currently signed to him and he is keeping him lock stock and barrel. Well… unless someone buys him out.

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Fans may step up and do just that. Many supported have launched a GoFundMe account to help raise $300,000 to get Buck off 50’s G-Unit Record label.

Oh no… not a GoFundMe page! The King of Petty lent his hand to make this thing go viral… much like he helped Ja Rule fill seats for that concert a few months ago. 50 posted a link to his IG account so that folk can see just how much he cares.

Buck was not gonna just let 50 keep coming at him. He went on his profile and let shots ring out.

“Now….Curtis./Kanan/Boo Boo/ @50cent You Know Your Days Are Numbered!!!!” Young Buck writes in his caption for the photo, which features a shot of himself on the set of his “Skyscrapers” video.

50 answered with a post of his own.