Jada Pinkett Smith is back with all new episodes of her  Red Table Talk Facebook show and for her first episode, she is sitting down with Ayesha Curry, wife of Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry.

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In a People exclusive, the mother of three is dishing on how she feels about women who have ill intentions being around her husband.

She begins by saying that her husband has a very outgoing personality.


“Stephen is very nice by nature. He is very talkative. He gets it from his mama and so everything is always very friendly.” She continues, “sometimes it’s to the point where I’m like okay, I’m a grown woman so I’ll just insert myself. I’ll be like hello. How are you doing? I’m okay with it now. “

Curry also said that women are always trying to get their husbands’ attention but it will not happen.

Obviously, you know the devil is a liar and the ladies will always be lurking hoping for their moment and waiting, you need to be aware of that. For me I honestly hate it.

Curry’s mother Sonya Curry,  sister Sydel Curry-Lee, and her future sister in law Callie Rivers will also join Jada, Willow, and Adrienne on the episode.

Red Table Talk returns on May 6 on Facebook Watch