We going, going, back, back to Wyoming? Well, not all of us, but Kanye West is reportedly on his way back to the Mountains of Jackson Hole to do some more work.

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Ricky Anderson, G.O.O.D. Music A&R, and cousin of Ye, was on the Off Beat podcast where he talked about working on the previous projects that came from the Wyoming getaway. Detailing the efforts were created in Kanye’s room where he set up a studio, Anderson not only revealed it was a creative space, but also a return.

“Yeah, we gonna do that again,” Anderson said. “Ah, shit I’m talking too much.


If he is returning, many fans would think it is to wrap up Yandhi. But what if Kanye has another slew of albums he could be ready to unload?

Who else would you like to see Kanye meet with in Jackson Hole and create with? Let us know.