Rare Breed Entertainment has given platform to some of the most entertaining cards over the last two years.

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With its last card, they gave some form of closure to the two headliners, Math and Hollow Da Don. The contest was hard and heavy, and it most have inspired the evil scientist over there at RBE to cook up another card with a roster just as intriguing. Seems like this is the league that let’s The Vets get off their chest anything the has been bothering them since the YouTube age of battling has taking off. While everyone is focusing on Charlie Clips and Math Hoffa, another battle connected to the Diz debacle in Cali, there are two battles newer fans have no idea of the source of their conflict.

Take the Hitman Holla battle versus Bill Collector. This grudge match has been brewing since way back at Summer Madness 2, when Holla’s brother Show-Out beat the Norristown emcee up. Bill Collector got pretty roughed up, and the cats from St. Louis believed that he deserved it. According to Hitman Holla, Bill Collector is a troll. During one of his rants, BC threatens to “rob” him (internet thugging). He never forgot that. When the two of them see each other at an event – Bill Collector still was talking slick.  That was all it wrote and Show got busy. While it seems like the Wild N’ Out superstar shouldn’t be bothered, it will be great to see him back on stage cooking.


Listen to Hitman talk about explain the source of the beef and then see the outcome. This battle takes this energy from almost 7 years ago, and puts it on the stage.

But these two are not the only ones with real beef that needs to be cooked. Bonnie Godiva and QB Black Diamond are seriously in need of closure. The root of this battle, like the other one starts with someone saying something sideways about their family member.  Bonnie’s aunt got into an argument with QB. QB, who is known for her disrespect, was making fun of her for being transgender, and in the middle of going back and forth on the demon called social media, they tagged Bonnie. According to Bonnie, QB almost used the back and forth with the aunt as a ruse to get at her since she did not like Godiva from the beginning. At a Queen of The Ring battle, it was on and popping.

Listen to Bonnie explain all the happened that night. It seems again, that this platform could help squash this back and forth and give it some closure. #Funfact Bonnie also appeared on a season of Wild N’ Out.

QB Black Diamond does not do too many blogs, but she has been getting loose on Twitter:

Closure takes place this Saturday, May 4th from 1pm to 8pm at the Music Room in Atlanta, GA. Tickets and the PPV are still available.