Last night’s staggering Episode 4 of the HBO hit series Game of Thrones officially solidified that this will go down as one of the greatest television shows of all time, with the final two episodes guaranteed to send fans into a collective state of shock. However, yesterday’s airing of “The Last of the Starks” wasn’t the only premiere to come from the fantastical series, as the GoT-themed music video for “Power Is Power” by SZA, The Weeknd and Travis Scott has officially dropped.

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Arriving off For the Throne: Music Inspired by the HBO Series Game of Thrones, “Power is Power” sees all three hitmakers channeling a key character going for the Iron Throne in the series. The Weeknd starts things off with a homage to Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen, in addition to the ominous Night King. While we saw the latter meet his fate by way of fan-favorite Arya Stark — a moment that will seriously go down in small-screen history — there’s still a very good chance that Jon will accept his destiny as the rightful king and rise into his true calling. Abel croons “I rise from my scars / Nothing hurts me now / ‘Cause power is power / Now watch me burn it down,” and you can’t help but wonder if those words are foreshadowing to a series finale where a resurrected male heir to the Targaryen dynasty finally reclaims the Throne.


SZA comes in next, and we see her channeling two queens actually: Daenerys Targaryen, the series’ underdog that fans have been rooting for to claim the royal ranking perceived to be rightfully hers, and also Queen Akasha, the vampire queen played by R&B icon Aaliyah in the 2002 film Queen of the Damned. The latter might be a bit of a stretch, but seeing as the crown Solana wears is almost identical to the one Akasha rocks in the campy flick that would unfortunately be Baby Girl’s last in her lifetime, it could be a slightly-veiled homage from one popular female chanteuse to another that inspired her career. The ode to Dany is quite obvious though, especially through lyrics that might even foreshadow the fate of our former Khaleesi. As SZA sings, “You wouldn’t take my place / Put me away / I’d die lookin’ up at your face,” and ends her verse with “Only love could kill me,” it’s not hard to assume that a battle between two certain lovers may be the deciding factor on who actually comes out on top.

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Travis closes the song with his signature ad-libs and digitized vocals, and he seems to be representing for Team Stark. Bars like “Lift the mask / They gon’ have to see what they can’t erase,” and “my lil baby, slay” are pretty much synonymous with Arya Stark, who killed the Night King during last week’s groundbreaking episode and also spent the better part of the series becoming a ruthless “masked” assassin known as the Faceless Men. At this point in the show, there’s no telling who will actually take the Throne, and after what has become of the Stark legacy it would be one amazing ending to give Ned, Catelyn and their entire lineage of loss family members a rightful form of vengeance.

Watch how it all ends these next two Sundays by tuning into the final season of Game of Thrones at 9PM EST on HBO. Watch the music video for “Power is Power” in its entirety above, and stream For the Throne below: