John Singleton’s family is conflicted over his $35 million estate.

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The late director is survived by his seven children, however, when he originally wrote his will in 1993 he only had his first born child, Justice. In other words, the other six children aren’t included in the will.

John’s mother, Sheila Ward-Johnson, filed the document in probate court last week. She listed his assets to about $3.8 million, excluding at least $31 million.


A picture is worth a thousand words. In the picture, the photographer catches John Singleton smooching his daughter and showing his love. He seems to have been a doting father, so hopefully, there’s a trust fund set up and the assets can be peacefully divided among all his children outside of court.

Death and legal affairs can cause a rift in some families. After John Singleton suffered his stroke and was in a coma, it was reported that one of his daughters, Cleopatra, accused their grandmother of trying to take control of his estate and cut them out.

We’re hoping that they come to a resolution that makes everyone happy.

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