The Boston Celtics’ season is all but over. After Monday night’s lackluster performance, the Celtics find themselves in a 3-1 series hold against the Milwaukee Bucks. One of the main reason for the Celtics’ struggles is that of Kyrie Irving.

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On this morning’s edition of Get Up! on ESPN, Jalen Rose spoke about Irving and what the future holds for the All-Star guard. Rose didn’t hold any punches back.


Rose didn’t cite a source regarding the other Celtics’ wanting Irving gone, but his own playing experience and the drama that surrounded this team throughout the regular season make it easy to believe there are some Celtics who want Irving gone. And they’ll likely get their wish because as Rose pointed out, Brad Stevens and the Celtics have a set system — and Irving doesn’t appear to be a fit anymore.

If Rose is right — if Irving is indeed “done” in Boston — then the Celtics will have nothing to show for the 2017 trade that sent the basketball world into a frenzy. The Celtics showed enough potential to come a game shy of the NBA Finals without him or Gordon Hayward last season, and a lot of young pieces remember that and in a way resent his return.

They made it farther in the playoffs last year when he was injured, as well as the year before that when Irving was still on the Cavs.

Irving has been more about himself and his concern for his portrayal of leadership than making this a unit, which has rubbed teammates the wrong way throughout the season. The result? A locker room divided between veterans and young players champing at the bit for their chance to play and show their mettle.