A Chicago foundation called The Circle is currently suing rappers Love and Hip-Hop stars Remy Ma and Safaree for breach of contract. They violated the “performance exclusivity” clause in the agreement. The organization does good work. Its mission is to establish an institution that creatively inspires, motivates and empowers people to develop and realize their highest aspirations.

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How did two of the hottest stars on reality TV breach their contract?

The two artists were supposed to perform at The Circle’s annual fundraiser at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago on April 21, 2018.  According to the clause, each of their contracts specifically stated that they were prohibited from performing within 60 miles of the arena for 30 days before the fundraiser. The Circle’s attorneys state that the rappers signed an agreement and accepted deposits for their appearances. TMZ reveals that Remy accepted a $35,000 deposit, while Safaree received a $7,250.


Despite taking The Foundation’s money, both performed in the Chicago areas. Remy performed at the Black Women’s Expo on April 8th and Safaree wrecked shop at the Rockin’ Horse Saloon & Grill at April 14th.  Safaree even was pushing the engagement of social media, encouraging people to purchase tickets.

As a result the organization canceled their event, believing that the performances would ill- affect their fundraising efforts. They asked for a return on the money, but their request was reportedly ignored.

Now, they are asking for the money and damages.

Remy’s attorney Eric Sanders responded for the rap queen, “[Remy Ma was] unaware of any purported legal action filed but, if such action is initiated she will respond accordingly.”