Mayor Bill de Blasio’s held a press conference at Trump Tower on Monday announcing that the city will fine the president’s real estate company if they fail to agree to New York City’s new “Green New Deal” building emissions standards by the year 2030.

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According to the New York Post, The Trump Organization has a total of eight buildings that they will have to apply the new regulations to in order to dodge the fines.

The Mayor stated “…The Trump Organization is a little sensitive to the fact that we’re calling them out for what they are doing to the climate but we are not backing down.”


How bad are these buildings?

The periodical informs the public that many City officials estimate that these Trump buildings emit 27,000 tons of greenhouse gases every year, which is equal to 5,800 cars.

City officials said the properties emit 27,000 tons of greenhouse gases every year — equal to 5,800 cars.

On another note, the mayor is under fire for his slow movement towards fixing New York’s public housing crisis.

Metro Industrial Areas Foundation( Metro IAF) and East Brooklyn Congregations (a collective of community stake holders like pastors, principals, residents from NYCHA) have been asking the mayor to allocate (as per his promise) money to NYCHA or quit his job as the top cat in the city.

“The city allocated $500 million for new housing for NYCHA seniors. Then the mayor pulled a bait-and-switch, betraying thousands of low-income seniors in the process,” said Metro IAF leader Rev. David K. Brawley. “Until the mayor lives up to his promise and restores funding for the senior housing program, low-income seniors will be stuck in units with broken elevators, dark stairwells, mold, and other hazards that are even more dangerous for the elderly.”

This accusation did not go without retort.

The mayor’s Deputy Press Secretary, Jane Meyer, commented, “Our commitment is the same today as it was last June – we are developing six public sites with 1,000 homes for seniors. These developments are just a portion of our effort to serve 30,000 seniors by 2026, and we have financed over 7,000 homes for seniors to date. We recognize there was public confusion about the details of this plan, and we wish he had communicated better from the start – but we never backtracked on our commitment.”