Words by Nia Seaton

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After 22 years of marriage, Wendy Williams has filed for divorce from her ex- husband, Kevin
Hunter. Many reports of their separation, led to her fans questioning her well being and love life.
However, don’t worry about Wendy. Homegirl is bouncing back.

Williams recently confirmed to her fans that she is not sitting around worrying about her ex.


Recently on The Wendy Williams show, she explained to her audience about her divorce
process, and how she is single and ready to mingle in the City of New York.

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“I am working on my divorce, pleasantly, right now,” she said. “It’s hard to say, ‘Give privacy,’
because I don’t give privacy when I’m doing the rest of the stories, so you do what you want. You
always do.” she told her audience, “I am a single woman running around New York.”

According to BET, Williams addressed reports that she was dating her bodyguard after they were
spotted sitting together this past weekend at New York City’s L’Hommage Ball, she shared
details about her divorce with her “co-hosts.”

The talk show host describes her home life briefly by stating, “You don’t just throw away 25
years rock, stock and barrel,” she said. “We do have our son and he is away at college and he’s
home right now. He’s home for college break. He sees me, he sees his dad. I go out a lot because
I am a good time girl — I like to have fun.”

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Williams recently filed for divorce from Hunter earlier in April, due to cheating allegations and
Hunter having a child with another woman. Through all this turmoil, Williams was living in a
sober home where she was recovering from drug addiction.

Williams and Hunter were working together in Williams’ show, however Hunter is leaving on
account of the divorce. Though there was much drama and questions on what was happening in their married, Williams ensured that they were leaving on good terms.

Wishing all the best for Wendy Williams and her love affairs!