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Music means much more than an occupation to Cleveland-based artist Ethos. It’s beyond an art form, and it’s honestly more than the average listener can fathom in terms of lyrical content. Ethos has been playing the guitar, bass, and drums for over 19 years, so it’s only natural that he expects the best for himself. After setting aside instruments to move over to hip-hop, he knew he was onto something major.

This artist is a man of his word, and once he puts his mind to something he makes sure to accomplish it – no matter what it takes. When it comes to his signature style, he’s worked hard at achieving a vibe that truly reflects him in every aspect. “I eliminated the middle people in order to create my signature style. It’s really hard to describe it – it’s a sound you wouldn’t immediately recall if you heard it,” said Ethos. To his point, he’s crafted several arrangements in order to do something that truly stands out. His music is completely based on his lyrics, which unpack so much self awareness and vulnerability upon first listen.

Bringing real music, and not background noise, to the table is what Ethos is all about. Through “Ten Commandments”, he tells a story from a dynamic perspective that details how he continues to experience growth throughout life. “You have to be genuine to yourself in the process, and that’s what this entire project is about. My music caters to all types of demographics, so I make sure that my lyrics can touch my listeners on some level. It’s all about being relatable through honesty,” said the artist. This can be heard through his single, “Parents”, which he considers to be the most relatable out of all his songs. Since its release on April 7th, he’s generated a wealth of positive feedback.


More than anything, Ethos prides himself on providing people with substance, ultimately. He’s always working toward his next biggest project, and has quickly gained that ear of so many in the industry. In addition to his upcoming show in Cleveland on May 18th, he is working on a feature with Bizarre and Hopsin. Ethos is not your average artist as you can tell, so you’ll never know what to expect next. Make sure to give “Ten Commandments” a listen if you haven’t already!