For an on-the-go music device, they gave us the iPod. For cell phone service, we got the iPhone. Now, the geniuses over at Apple are ready to give the world a whole new payment method in the form of what’s being referred to simply as the Apple Card. Here’s your first look at the way you’ll be spending money in a very near future.

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Seen here by way self-proclaimed tech geek & “leaks visualizer” Ben Geskin, the Apple Card boasts a pretty clean structure overall. The sample seen above is said to be one of the early issued cards that Apple employees have already been receiving, complete with the cardholder’s name laser-etched onto the front of the solid titanium device. Once you pair it to an iPhone, as seen via the “Wake iPhone and hold here” message on the packaging, the card syncs with the digital Apple Pay Cash in the Wallet app. On the other side, the card’s banking partners Mastercard and Goldman Sachs are imprinted alongside a magstripe, and details such as the expiration date and account number are reserved for the digital version.

The new Apple Card is expected to launch later this Summer, so let us know if you’ll be copping one by sounding off on our Facebook and Twitter!