It was only a matter of time before BAPE came through with some new Mr. Bathing Ape gear, and the selections included in the sub-label’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection are perfect for any self-proclaimed gentleman with a streetwear sensibility.

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The mustache-bearing Ape Head logo returns onto a set of button-up short-sleeved shirts, polos, tees and jogger shorts. The color scheme is pretty neutral, trading out the vibrant and wild color patterns usually associated with A Bathing Ape’s brand for a more neutral palette of navy, grey, white, black and blue. A standout set of 1ST CAMO options are also included for the collared shirts, with one opting for a white/grey combo and the other featuring a gunmetal/black iteration. The camo turns up on the polos as well in a small dosage, lining the inner placket for a small-yet-noticeable feature.

Shop the Mr. Bathing Ape Spring/Summer 2019 collection right now at select BAPE retailers and online. Peep the full set below:

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