Since Donald Trump has taken the title of Commander and Chief, it seems like a lot of celebrities feel that they can run the country too. In the latest edition of “Celebrities Who Want to Run for President of the United States,” 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson is throwing his towel in the ring. In an Instagram post, the rapper posted a picture of him with the words 2020 no one will ever dare owe America again followed by the caption, “All debts will be paid by Monday no more loans and no, you are not going to see my taxes.”

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To be fair 50 does have a strange way of collecting debts from people who owe him money. One of 50’s most recent victims, actor Jackie Long, who was outed for owning 50 some money. The Games People Play actor says he paid $250,000 however, 50 says the actor needed to pay the interest.


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