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Atlanta is known for producing some of music’s most reputable names, and Volcanic Grip plans to be one of them. He’s been a lover of music since he was the young age of four, and taught himself the ropes at an early age. After he experienced the passing of his father at age 15, he clung to music like it was his lifeline. It quickly became his outlet, a form of release, and this is still symbolic through his musical journey.

After leaving a lucrative career in sales behind him, he evaluated what he truly wanted out of life. And that was, and really has always been, his deep-rooted passion for making music. “My lifestyle is fueled by my adrenaline. I’m always taking on a different angle to be different- I never want to follow the trends. I will do anything and everything to achieve the level of success I’m going for,” said the artist. To that point, Volcanic Grip has a vision for his entire life, and each day he gets closer to making his dreams a reality. He’s always been the rebellious type, so he’s never afraid to take risks or defy the odds in order to stand out.

If you haven’t heard his music yet, you’ll want to change that- quickly. His sound is all about mixing the worlds of hip-hop with heavy-hitting rock music, which produces an incredible sound. This can be heard through his latest single, “About Me”. “The single is one of those movie-like songs. Think of a battle-type song, like Sparta. It’s coming from a perspective of Volcanic Grip as an entity,” said Volcanic Grip. As you can probably guess, the single packs a wealth of power, from so many aspects. It catches you off guard, in a good way, of course.


Volcanic Grip is staying the course, while watching the numbers for “About Me” continue to skyrocket. Since the release, the song has already raked in thousands of streams on both Spotify and Soundcloud. It’s safe to say the people like what they hear. Stay tuned for what’s to come. Fans can expect a complete series of unreleased music. Hint; “About Me” belongs to an 8 piece series.