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The trial is underway for the defendants accused of violently murdering 15-year-old Lesandro “Junior” Guzman Feliz in the Bronx last year during an alleged case of mistaken identity. During the first week of trial, Junior supporters say one of the defendants showed no remorse allegedly laughing at the family court. Junior’s father stood up and cursed the men before he was removed from court.

Four of the Trinitarios gang defendants on trial are claiming they aren’t responsible for delivering the blow that killed Junior and that it was the 5th defendant Jonaiki Estrella who swung the machete and took Junior’s life.

Junior’s mom Leandra Feliz cried out in court when new footage from another perspective was revealed.


While the now infamous video seems clear cut to the world, the defense is using that same footage to prove their client’s innocence Martin Goldberg, a lawyer for defendant 22-year-old Jose Muniz, says his client had no intention of killing Junior. “Junior is not actually stabbed in the neck until after he gets up from the ground,” Goldberg noted. “It’s fair to say Mr. Muniz has disengaged and walking away before Junior is stabbed in the neck.”

Another defense attorney, Amy Attias—who represents defendant Antonio Rodriguez Hernandez Santiago questions of the footage shown worldwide is even accurate. “Is that the best photo of the person’s face?” she asked Detective Orlando.

“I wouldn’t say it’s the best photo,” the detective replied. “But it is a photo of your client.”

Stay tuned as we keep you updated.