Fresh off the heels of her debut album and Megan Thee Stallion is already in a mini songwriting feud.

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The Houston rapper was quick to squash all rumors that her pen ran out of ink, with the help of Juicy J, who is featured and credited on the track.

Things popped off when singer and social media personality, Wolf Tyla, tweeted that she received her first placement on Tina Snow’s debut album. In the same breath, she did show Meg love saying she thought she was “fire.”


Tyla went on to post two more posts on Instagram. “Leaving little paw prints all over 2k19,” she wrote.

Megan wasn’t here for it and muted that expeditiously. “I write all my own sh*t don’t let nobody gas you up like that,” the rapper wrote on her Instagram story. “That clout sh*t crazy,” she added.

Hot Girl Meg clarified: “Like I said don’t nobody write my sh*t for me… so don’t try to insinuate you did… just be clear from the beginning. I didn’t even kno she had nothing to do with the song Juicy J say you ain’t write nothing,” Meg said. “Simon says shut tf up.”

Tyla wasn’t going out without a fight. She went on Instagram live to play her reference track and explain her role in the songwriting process.

Megan Thee Stallion also hopped on Instagram live to address the “goofy sh*t.”

Juicy J jumped in with the intentions to put an end to the back-and-forth but that didn’t really help much. He insists that he wrote the song and Meg was pleased with his answer.

Tyla got the last word when she posted a screenshot of a conversation between her and Juicy J’s manager. The manager asked for Tyla’s full name so that she can receive credit for her work on the hook. The text exchange also allegedly proves that the song was sold to Megan to use on her album.

Tyla ended her story with “But anyways happy Sunday. I still got nothing but love.”