The music industry has lost another legend, Melvin Edmonds, 65, from the group After 7 has passed away.

Brothers Kevon Edmonds and Melvin Edmonds along with their friend Keith Mitchell formed the group After 7 and released their debut album in 1989. “Ready Or Not”. 

The album was considered an instant hit garnering the classic single, ‘Heat of the Moment’ and ‘Ready or Not’.  Following many ups and downs in the music business, Melvin ultimately became fed up with the business side of the industry according to his brother Kevon and went back to work as a truck driver.

“Melvin grew tired of the business. There are no checks and balances or safety nets or protections for you in this business,” Kevon said. “He still loves to sing but it’s the extra stuff that he reached his limit with.”

He reportedly suffered a stroke in 2011 that left him partially paralyzed.

Melvin is survived by his four children: Melvin, Jason, Chris, and Courtney.

Fun Fact: Melvin and Kevon are siblings of GRAMMY-winning singer/songwriter Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds.

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Melvin will be missed.