Like something straight out of a Love & Hip-Hop storyline, Hazel-E and Yung Miami are currently at war on social media, with special guest appearances by Joseline, Masika Kalysha, G Herbo and even Trina. Let’s hope this all works itself out sooner than later, but before you dive into this completely WTF beef listen to the song that started it all below:

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Deemed as a diss track towards City Girls, “Add It Up” by Hazel-E was sparked by her feelings that Yung Miami and JT ripped off her 2017 song “Actin’ Up” for the duo’s hit 2019 single “Act Up.” See if you agree:

This led to Yung Miami responding with “We never heard a song by the ugly ass bitch!” and also stating, “That surgery going to that hoe head!” Jump back to “Add It Up,” which includes lines like “Copy my brand, bitch y’all just the teacher/Caresha [Yung Miami] you gotta problem, now you need a feature,” as well as mentioning Yung Miami’s son and the health of her mom. After the song got a shady co-sign by Joseline, Yung Miami responded with the following:

….oh, and this too, which led to Masika and G Herbo joining in with their opinions:

Joseline of course had to add her response, which led to an even bigger drama:

…oh, and now Joseline has a diss track of her own:

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…and that led to even more back & forth:

Then, out of nowhere, Trina stepped into it to defend City Girls:

The support we guess gave Yung Miami even more courage to continue her drag session, meanwhile Hazel-E went at G-Herbo directly:

This one could probably go on all night, so we’ll keep you all updated if more jabs are thrown between these ladies. Of course, we’re hoping that someone comes and settles all this so there can be peace in the sisterhood of Hip-Hop.

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