Fans may be able to see Whitney Houston on tour seven years after her untimely death.

The iconic singer was found unresponsive in her suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel during Grammy weekend in 2012. Since then, her estate has been working diligently to keep her name and spirit alive.

Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law and former manager, recently spoke with The New York Times and reassured that we haven’t seen the last of Whitney Houston.

“Everything is about timing for me,” Pat said. “It’s been quite emotional for the past seven years. But now it’s about being strategic.”

The New Jersey singer’s death was ruled an accidental overdose of a cocktail of medication mixed with cocaine. The autopsy confirmed years of rumors that Houston was a drug addict. But that doesn’t change the fact that she was a chart-topping, record-breaking vocalist whose talents are unmatched.

“Before she passed, there was so much negativity around the name; it wasn’t about the music anymore,” Pat stated. “People had forgotten how great she was. They let all the personal things about her life outweigh why they fell in love with her in the first place.”

Pat says she’s sitting on tons of unreleased music and her estate is reportedly in talks to ink deals for a Whitney Broadway musical and a Vegas-style production. “The hologram has taken precedence over everything,” Pat said.

Late artists like Maria Callas, Roy Orbison, Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, and Frank Zappa have all received the hologram treatment. According to NYT, the Houston hologram will perform a slew of her hits accompanied by her original band and backup singers—including her brother Gary, Pat Houston’s husband.