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It has been over a year since the #freemeekmill campaign came into fruition.

On April 24, 2018, Meek, whose birth name is Robert Williams was released from prison pending the result of a plea deal to the Philadelphia supreme court. Since his release, he has had trouble traveling due to probationary restrictions. Judge Genece Brinkley can take the blame for this. Therefore, the District Attorney in Philadelphia is adamant that Meek gets a new trial and a new judge.

It is evident of Judge Brinkley’s personal vendetta against the Championships rapper. According to TMZ, the Philadelphia D.A. called out the judge for her bias against Meek, in addition to abuse her power. Brinkley sentenced the “What’s Free” rapper for a “technical violation” of his probation. Despite a number of requests for Brinkley’s dismissal, she refuses to step down from the case. The D.A. has publicly sided with Meek, 32, saying that he serves no threat to society. He deserves a fair trial without a biased judge.


Since his release, Meek had been adamant about prison reform. He empathizes a number of people who are not as fortunate as him. They don’t have the foundation for the funds or connections to change their current situation. Meek is just one of thousand cases that will not be publicized. Jay-Z, Robert Craft, Michael Rubin, and others continue to lend their support for the sake of progressive reform. At this moment, Judge Brinkley is the only one standing in the way of Meek Mill and his freedom.