Graduation season is upon us and although it is a time to celebrate many accomplishments, for some, it may be a burden due to financial reasons. In an effort to help ease the graduation burden, Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth gifted 13 students from Booker T. Washington High School by paying off their senior dues, which includes a cap and gown so that the students can walk with their class on June 2.

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In a statement to ABC News, Fatima, a senior says, “I really appreciate for him to do that because I was struggling on buying it,” she added, “He knows what the struggle is.”

Trae wanted the students, to know that graduating high school is a huge accomplishment,


“The main message is that they are not alone. We are proud of them.” “Sometimes you need to let people know that you appreciate them.”

Trae The Truth and his Relief Gang are well known for giving to those in need. During Hurricane Harvey, Trae and his Relief Gang opened up a warehouse to donate cleaning supplies, clothes, toys, home items and more. They also went around Houston donating a mattress to those who may be sleeping on the floor.