If you think LeBron James is just sitting on his hands watching the NBA playoffs and Magic Johnson try to burn down the Los Angeles Lakers organization, think again. Brian Windhorst of ESPN has detailed King James is on the prowl for his 2019-20 season teammates.

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In a report released on ESPN, Windhorst reveals LeBron has been in contact with Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler on coming to Hollywood.


Coming into the spring it was concerning if the Lakers would be able to attract anyone to play with King James. Now, even after all the madness of Magic, there are numerous names attached to the purple and gold. Beyond Leonard and Butler, the possibility of an Anthony Davis trade lingers in the rumor mill, along with the rising possibility of Kyrie Irving returning to be LeBron’s running mate.

For Leonard, he still has business to take care of as he attempts to lead the Toronto Raptors to their first championship. All those other names are at home watching like LeBron.

Free agency officially kicks off on July 1. For now, we have to wrap the playoffs and the NBA Finals.