As weeks turn into months since the senseless murder of Nipsey Hussle on March 31, 2019, the late rapper still leaves behind countless grieving fans and a laundry list of unfinished projects. One in particular involves his partnership with PUMA, but thankfully the sportswear stalwart is planning to keep Nipsey’s legacy alive by assuring that his yet-to-be-revealed work with the brand will still be released in the near future.

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The news was confirmed by PUMA Brand and Marketing Global Director Adam Petrick during The Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival, which also featured another one of their big-name brand endorsers G-Eazy. When the topic of how they choose their ambassadors came up, Petrick said this about Nip: “He was somebody that was doing great stuff, and he had this idea about how he could improve the community and how he could push for that…The concept of working with Nipsey just made sense.”

Here’s what he also had to say specifically about upcoming drops with Nipsey’s estate and other ways they’re making sure the marathon continues:

“We had a lot of things that were coming, and hopefully a lot of things we will still do with his estate. We’ll work with his family and we’ll support his kids…We’re going to continue to release some product that we’ve created with him. We’ve also got some charity activations that we’ll do to support what he was doing in Crenshaw, and trying to continue the work that he was doing through his foundation.”

— Adam Petrick, PUMA Brand and Marketing Global Director

We’ll definitely keep you all updated on what’s in store for future Nipsey Hussle x PUMA drops as they’re announced. Rest forever in peace, Nip…