Supporters of Leandra Feliz are in shock as it was revealed that Trinitarios member Kevin Alvarez and corroborating witness is out of jail after serving 10-months in jail for assisting in the death of Lesandro “Junior” Feliz under his plea deal.

This week, Alvarez testified during jury selection that he is the person that initially dragged Junior out of the bodega that fateful night. Defense attorney Kyle Waters suggested that Junior would still be alive if Alvarez had not pulled the boy out into the street where his friends had weapons waiting to attack the 15-year-old boy. Alvarez said he knew his friends had weapons but changed his statement to explain he was surprised his friends had weapons with them that night.

Waters was about to play video of the killing when Junior’s mom Leandra became hysterical. She did not return to court following her breakdown in court.

Back inside the court, Assistant District Attorney Morgan Dolan asked Alvarez, “Have you been offered two potential sentences?”

“Yes.”  He revealed that he had pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the first degree, which normally carries a sentence of 8 1/3 to 25 years — and another count of conspiracy in the fourth degree, a non-violent felony.

The prosecutor asked what happens if he doesn’t truthfully testify at this and future trials.

“I get sentenced to 25 years,” Alvarez said.

“What happens if you satisfy the agreement?” the prosecutor continued.

“I get sentenced to time served on conspiracy in the fourth degree,” Alvarez replied.

Kevin Alvarez will get time served for his role in the teen’s chase, beating, and death — if he truthfully testifies in this and potential future trials.

Last year in an interview with the New York Daily News, Alvarez  denied responsibility, claiming he was cared for his life in prison and he ‘can’t sleep at night’.

He said a corrections officer said he would leave the door open so he could be attacked and he’s left unable to sleep at night.

‘I was scared. I don’t get scared. I was in the military, but I was so scared. People think I’m a monster. They want me dead,’ Alvarez said.

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