Many members of the Hip Hop community decided to boycott Gucci following the release of their controversial sweater that resembled black face. But not everyone is down with the cause.

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Jim Jones took to Instagram to announce that he is not going to stop wearing the luxury brand. “Don’t ask me about Gucci goofy when dap start sellin 2 DD’s instead of 2 GG’s I will stop rockin it but until then eat ur heart out any rappers have a issues wit tht I’m never hard to find AMEN
Ps lookin like I brang th Scurl back lol”


Not sure what was the reason behind his post because it came seemingly out of nowhere. But he made his stance clear. It’s also unclear which rappers he’s referring to in his post, but he made it clear he’s “never hard to find.”

His comment section was just as divided as the entire controversy. “Where T.I at,” one user commented on Jim Jones’ post. Tip was one of the leads of the Internet Gucci boycott and has previously called out folks he saw still rocking the Italian brand.

“People just stupid period.Wasting time on what someone buys and wears.The people commenting can’t even afford to buy Gucci.Jimmy can wear whatever the fuck he wants,and don’t have to follow what T.I. is saying.DAMN DUMMIES!!!” another one commented.

What’s your take on the whole Gucci boycott?