Battle raps leading platform, SMACK/URLTV aka the Ultimate Rap League, have unveiled their highly anticipated URLTV mobile App. The subscription-based App is only $7.99 a month (much in the same vein as Netflix, Tidal, Spotify and other streaming subscription platforms) and is potentially game-changing in the sense that if widely taken up by fans as expected, it may be able to provide a relatively constant stream of revenue to allow battle rap to continue to develop.

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Three new/unreleased battles a week will be released on the URLTV App, while future App only battles and streaming events are planned. The App also has the ChromeCast feature so that the App can stream via a SmartTV. Long in the works, the interactive URLTV App also allows some degree of voting in battles as well as extensive plans to have upcoming cyphers, freestyles, interviews plus more all in the works for the future.


The changes and demonization of YouTube videos and reduction in ad-generated revenue have hit battle rap relatively hard, with the all-important freedom of expression in battle rap not naturally aiding itself. Battle rap has a long and influential history with YouTube, with Grind Time Now launching on YouTube just months after it launched, well before it was bought out by Google.

The popular Pay Per View and Video On Demand options to watch new upcoming battle rap events will remain on and be separate from the URLTV App, as is the case with other subscription-based services such as UFC and WWE. The URLTV App has launched with 15 new unreleased battles including Rum Nitty vs. Nu Jerzey Twork, Cassidy vs Goodz, Geechi Gotti vs. Chess, Glueazy vs. Ave, amongst more. There is also a free section of the new URLTV App, so download it today and see for yourself completely risk-free on both IOS and Android here.