Rotimi is next in line to pay his debt to 50 Cent. The Empire artist recently released his Walk With Me EP last weekend and was excited to announce its early success. Walk With Me hit number 1 on the iTunes R&B charts. That announcement certainly triggered 50 because he began to troll his the “Love Riddim” artist early Wednesday morning.

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“I want to punch this n***a in the nose,” said Fif.

On Friday, Rotimi stopped by The Breakfast Club morning show to talk about his latest project, Power and more. During the interview, Angela Yee asked if he ever borrowed any money from 50. He claims he did not.


“I was an artist to 50. I made sure he got his money back,” said the Maplewood, NJ native. Everything the Power producer does is strategic. He recalls a time where he trolled Fox’s hit TV series, Empire.

“He mapped out his whole strategic promotion plan to get locked into the Empire thing,” said Rotimi. “When Taraji (P. Henson) had to talk about the show, they had to mention Power because of 50.”

The mention of Power certainly worked in 50’s benefit because Power is one television’s most anticipated shows every summer. Although his tactics may be questioned, the culture is well aware of Fif’s savviness as an artist, label executive, and a businessman. It is prevalent that he reigns as the biggest troll in social media. Rotimi also finds 50’s online tactics to be quite humorous.

Now the tables have turned and he is on the other end of the joke and according to G-Unit’s head honcho, Rotimi needs to pay up. Although the troll may be a marketing strategy to promote Walk With Me, you can always depend on 50 for a good laugh to start the morning. Let’s see how and if Rotimi responds.