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Joe Budden has transformed himself from an underground lyricist into a popular media personality. His Joe Budden Podcast with Rory and Mal is one of the most highly rated Hip-Hop podcasts.

Budden has gained a reputation for his controversial takes and on the latest episode, he gave some unsavory remarks about Toronto Raptors superstar Kawhi Leonard’s father.

He began by joking that he was going to create a documentary about “all of the crews that could kill you that y’all don’t know about.” He went on to say, “Guess who’s a killer? Kawhi’s dad…it’s a fact.” Budden said he read in five different sources that Kawhi’s father was heavily involved in some street activity.


“Dad is in jail for I think whatever,” Budden said. “I won’t get into it, I’m afraid. And the uncle is out handling the business [as Kawhi’s manager]. When you look at Kawhi and his game and his demeanor, don’t it sound right? And, then you’re happy to know that.” His co-host Rory goes online to verify what his co-host is saying. “That’s false information, Joe,” Rory says, interrupting the chatter. “His father, Mark, was shot and killed January 18, 2008, at the Compton car wash he owned. He may have been involved in something, but he is now passed away.”

“Okay, rest in peace to Kawhi’s dad,” Budden replied. “That doesn’t change my story at all. Alright, so he’s not here. But guess what? In the articles that I read before he left, he was getting busy. And to my knowledge, I think the uncle’s gettin’ busy.”

Many took to Twitter to express their disapproval of Budden’s remarks on Kawhi’s father and his other takes that have been controversial as well.

Budden also decided to give some clarity about the situation and promised to address it on Twitter.

Check out the audio of Budden’s remarks below:

Speaking on the follow-up episode, Joe Budden issued an apology to anyone who believed he was attempting to disrespect Kawhi Leonard. He also let it be known that he and the rest of the show’s host have the utmost respect for Kawhi Leonard and are looking forward to The Finals. You can hear the new episode below.