Following  Saturday night’s Double or Nothing PPV from Las Vegas, Cody Rhodes made some comments about how his marriage has impacted his view of diversity. Today, a notable politician has responded to Cody’s comments.

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Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took notice and retweeted the video and commented, “This exchange is a promising peek into what growth looks like in our national discourse on race. Thanks for sharing your experience in this powerful moment, Cody Rhodes.”

“I’m in an interracial marriage, and I’ve learned a lot that I would have never known,” Cody said. “One time, I told Brandi, I told her that ‘I don’t see color.’ And she said, ‘Well, then you don’t see my experience.’ And I thought, ‘Oh, you’re right. I can’t just say that.’ You need to be able to see that experience and at least understand it.”


Cody offered further comment on diversity in AEW.

“The old territory system of just one, that’s out. The best wrestlers are going to field the game and that’s a very diverse profile. I’m really proud of it. We’re gonna promote them as wrestlers. We’re not gonna make it a PR element for us. And I’m really proud of that because it’s about the wrestling.”