For many foodies out there that love a good bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, the skin can arguably be considered the best part of your meal. Whether crunchy or original recipe, the end results are nothing short of delectable. However, KFC Indonesia is taking things a whole step further by adding a new item to the menu: fried chicken skins in a bag!

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So far, the ‘fried chicken skins’ are exclusive to six KFC locations throughout Indonesia, specifically in Cideng, MT Haryono, Kelapa Gading, Salemba, Kemang and Kalimalang. The innovative fast food snack is a reintroduction of a similar menu option called ‘Cracklings’ that were originally sold at KFC restaurants in the Philippines. Pretty interesting to say the least, but is this recipe really practical? While you could surely list many examples of people “cutting the middle man” out of our favorite snacks — people take cheese off pizza everyday, b! — it still seems a bit redundant if we’re talking chicken. Sure, we eat pealed apples and even peeled grapes for those that are extra particular, but would you go the other route and eat apple skins? Better yet, how about grape skins? Could be a tasty treat, but we’ll wait for Dole to hop on that genius idea to test the market out.

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