Ralph Lauren had one of the most successful runs in the ’90s with its popular Polo Sport line. Now with the recent resurgence of vintage fashion, it’s looking like RL was inspired to bring back its sportswear-geared sublabel for 2019 with two special capsule collections.

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First launched back in 1992, Polo Sport makes a much-welcomed return in the form of a denim-themed offering and a silver-based set as well. The latter is a standout for many reasons, mainly due to its metallic color theme that covers everything from outwear and joggers to headwear and accessories. The denim side is a classic look as always, which features summer-ready apparel like shorts, jackets, hats and of course a good pair of blue jeans. Both incorporate the brand’s Americana palette of red, white and blue, with the denim jackets getting literal with the American Flag embedded across the back. Thankfully, both capsules incorporate that same signature vibe you could always rely on from Polo Sport — athletic, stylish, clean and rooted in stateside pride.

The Polo Sport Denim and Polo Sport Silver collections are both available starting today at select Ralph Lauren stores and through the Polo App. Check out the lookbook below to see which capsule is worth copping first:

Images: Tom Gould / Ralph Lauren