Those watching Game 1 of the NBA Finals got a special treat during the tip-off by way of Spalding, but only for the MVP members of the brand’s website that can appreciate a good piece of basketball history memorabilia.

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Made in celebration of the longstanding sportswear manufacturer’s 125th anniversary, this new collectible basketball takes its design from the original “Spalding Basket Ball.” The Horween leather structure was first produced back in 1894 (OG ad seen above) by brand founder Albert Goodwill Spalding, who was commissioned to make it by the creator of basketball himself, Dr. James Naismith. Defining details include the “No. M” stamp — it’s considered to be the official imprint of a Match Play ball — in addition to football-esque thick leather stitches that have since become obsolete. A treat for any true fan of the game and its rich history.

Spalding’s 125th Anniversary OG Horween Leather Basketball is fittingly limited to 125 units and retails online for $249.99 USD — hopefully those that got the aforementioned tip-off advantage didn’t snag them all up! Peep the packaging below: