Cardi B returned to court today (May 31) in her case against the attack on women at a strip club. TMZ reports the case is getting more intense as she will face a grand jury. The inclusion of a grand jury indicates prosecutors are looking to give heavier charges.

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Cardi arrived at the Queens courthouse to learn her case will now be heard a grand jury and may elevate from being misdemeanors for assault and reckless endangerment. Prosecutors reveal the case is going to a different measure due to “further investigation.” The findings of the investigation remain vague.

Last August, Cardi allegedly ordered an attack on two bartenders at a strip club, Jade and Baddie Gi. One of the bartenders was believed to have slept with Offset. Cardi was arrested for the incident in October. Following the arrest, Cardi denied a plea deal in April, which would result in missed jail time but likely probation.


Today, ironically, Cardi B released her new single, “Press,” which carries lyrics about no longer needing to be featured in publications.

Press, press, press, press, press
Cardi don’t need more press

You can hear the new single below.