Keyshia Cole’s sister, Neffeteria “Neffe” Pugh has never been known to back down from a fight. Remember a few years ago, when she and Iyanla Vanzant went at it over the “Viper Snipe” comment? Well this time, she is in hot water with the Phirst Phamily of Black Greeks.

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And get this…. she had no clue why. All she knew is that she was stunting in Instagram in her new Fashion Nova outfit.

Strutting down the street, she does a little promo:


“You guys have been in my DMs. You said ‘Neffe you done lost weight, you looking cute! Where you get that outfit from?” I say Fashion Nova, because I am Fashion Nova certified, baby. Now I am gonna walk off. Now you can go buy this outfit honey. Fashion Nova…. That’s what I said.” Innocent enough huh?

See the thing is… it is not just a cute outfit.  The outfit dons the trademarked color combo and the founding year of the first Black Greek-letter sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha.

In 1908, Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded on the campus of Howard University. Their colors are pink and green and are notoriously protective over their distinguished image and likeness. In the comments, many took note and tried to tap the shoulder of the reality star, who seems to have invited others to purchase the upscale paraphernalia.

Check out the exchanges between some of the sorority sisters and Neffe.


It is important to note that this is not Neffe’s fault. She just got caught in the middle of a greedy corporation moving in ways incredibly disrespectful to the culture of the demographic is eats off of.  They not only pushed the limits with the K’s but also with the Deltas and Zetas. Featured below are the DST and AKA ones.

While many are up in arms, some just can’t deny how fly the jersey’s are.

Back to Neffe, who you know is not afraid to clap back. No matters, she sure looks cute, though.