You are the New York Knicks front office and you didn’t get the number one pick so you won’t get Zion Williamson. That’s ok, it’s other good players in the draft, right? Sure later in the first round. Reports state the Knicks are looking to trade down in the draft.

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A report from ESPN state the Knicks are considering trading the number three pick in the NBA Draft to the Atlanta Hawks and receiving the number 8 and 10 picks in return.

Previously, many saw the Knicks drafting Williamson’s Duke running mate RJ Barrett with the pick, but now are looking to keep their options open.


The Knicks are expected to be one of the busier teams in the NBA offseason. If you ask many NBA analysts, Kevin Durant is already planning on signing with the Knicks and could be possibly be joined by Kyrie Irving or Kemba Walker or anyone the franchise can get their hands on.

So Knicks fans, would you trade your pick or stay where you are?

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