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For six years The National Action Network Youth Huddle has actively promoted peace in several communities in the NYC area and has been an influential mouthpiece that encourages anti-gun violence and anti-violence against the LGBT & Transgender youth community. June is Gun Violence Awareness month as well as LGBTQ pride month and on June 1st 2019 the “Peace In The Streets March’’ will be held, bringing together youth of all races and genders as well as influencers alike.

“We cannot have gun violence actions without including violence against the LGBTQ community. There has been especially a rise in transgender murders and we must address this in our community.”-Ashley Sharpton. The march will begin at the 110th and Lenox Central Park Entrance and will kickoff from Lenox Ave. and 112th St. (Foster NYCHA Housing) and will conclude at 151st and 7th Avenue NYCHA building. Harlem NYCHA Housing projects are high risk areas where shootings and crime frequently occur. The “NO SNITCHING RULE” heavily applies, and this march will confront that notion because it helps no one.

Following “Peace In The Streets”, A Nipsey Hussle Memorial Basketball Game at Rucker Park calling for non violence will commence, including celebrities like Mac Wilds & Tahiry Jose. Other recent victims being remembered include 10 year old Jacob Quarles, 27 year old Damian Coleman, 15 year old Jeremiah Draper, 29 year old Tyleek White, 32 year old Cory Mitchell, 34 year old Michael Cordero, 40 year old John Mingo, and 40 year old Thomas White.

This march also brings the attention to National victims of senseless gun violence and police violence that have yet to receive justice like Lesandro “Junior” Guzman, Trayvon Martin, Tamar Rice, Oscar Grant, Michael Brown, Sean Bell, Terrance Crutcher, Stephon Clark, Saheed Vassell, Deborah Danner, Ramarley Graham, Lloyd Morgan, Islan Nettles, Delrawn Smalls, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and more. We will be joined by the family of Nipsey Hussle, Sean Bell, Ocean Conway, Eric Garner, and other families and personal victims of violence, police violence, and gun violence.


The “Peace In The Streets” march is organized by Ashley Sharpton (Activist & Youth Advocate), Deves Toon (NAN Field Director) and Derek Perkinson (NAN NYC Chapter Director). Kartier Conway, the father of victim 16 year old Ocean who was shot in the head and still fighting for his life will also be marching.

The march will also be held in 8 other states under 13 other NAN chapters. The March will be lead by NAN local leadership, anti gun violence advocates, elected officials, clergy, and Cure violence groups under the NYC crisis Management system. Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, Assemblyman Al Taylor and Assemblyman Dan Quart will be speaking and in attendance.

Partners include National Action Network, the African Immigrant Commission NY, Indigo Grant Management, Sharpton Entertainment, Women’s March Youth Empower Group, Love Art Group, Brown Eyez Magazine, Chasity Cox PR, CannaClusive, Freedom Entertainment Group, and anti gun violence groups Life Camp Inc, Youth Over Guns, Street Corner Resources.