Cardi B has been promising her fans that new music on the way and now we finally have a date.

The Bronx rapper took to Instagram to unveil the artwork for her highly-anticipated single, “Press.” The “Money” rapper previewed the song in December while she was in the studio recording it.

A fan recently asked for an update on the record. “What happened to u dropping ‘press press press press press cardi do need more press,'” the user wrote. The rapper replied, “It shall drop soon😈” Bardi didn’t specify that soon meant this week.

She uploaded the artwork to her IG account which shows her handcuffed in a court room. This is presumably the theme for the song’s visuals.

Cardi B is also featured on DJ Khaled’s latest album, Father of Asahd. She teamed back up with 21 Savage for their song, “Wish Wish.”