R. Kelly is finally facing legal defeat two months after being charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

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The Chicago Tribune reported that Judge Moira Johnson granted a default judgment after the singer failed to appear in court despite being served a summons to attend. Kelly can get the judgment overturned if he gets an attorney involved, but his funds are reportedly low. It would’ve been cheaper to just show up.

The attorney, who is identified as H.W., of the accuser, requested the default judgment.  H.W. alleges that the disgraced singer met the accuser during her 16th birthday celebration in 1998. He was aware of her age and still slipped her a business card. The then-16-year-old got in contact with R. Kelly despite her mother’s interception and alleges that the pair had sex once a month between May 26, 1998, to May 25, 1999.


The “Ignition” singer was just released from prison a month and a half ago after a friend paid the $160,000 in back child support that he owed his ex-wife, Andrea Kelly. Although Kells is a free man and getting paid to do club appearances in his hometown, he still has his sexual abuse case ahead of him. If convicted, he’s facing 70 years in the slammer.